FinsnPaws is a Personalised dog grooming service. We are passionate about keeping your dog looking and feeling his best. We specialize in daily as well as dog show grooming. Our groomers are trained under worlds one of the best groomers.
Management Plan for Your Dog

Hair trimming
Stylized hair cut
Body shave
Oil massage - Body
Body brushing
Eye cleaning
Ear cleaning
Nail cutting
Complete teeth treatment (brushing, bad breath and tartar control)
Medicated and herbal treatments
Coat maintenance (hair lustre, dandruff, roughness, knots and shedding)
Hair trimming (of ears, paws & potty patch)
Shampoo with conditioning
Pet GrommingTreatments

Flea and ticks
Skin allergies/ dandruff
Hair-shedding/ roughness/ dry and dullness
Tartar control/ bad breath
Rough paw

Show Grooming

Oil Massage - Body
Shampoo & conditioning
Pedicure - Paw treatment
Ear, eye, nail, teeth cleaning
Trimming and styled cut
Hair - setting, styling, blow-drying and straightening