Maintenance & Cleaning

Algae Proliferation

Reducing algae growth is never an easy task. More than just reducing nutrient levels, Fins n Paws can consult with you on the various methods you employ during everyday aquarium-related tasks, and how they impact the rate of algae growth.
Fins n Paws can also assess your system, and recommend improvements in configuration or device additions that might help you eradicate algae from your system.

The goal is to reduce the rate of algae growth, which can be tied to a number of factors that you control, while you fight the algae with scrubbing and elbow grease. A professional aquarium cleaning can help in your system.

As with anything, prevention is more important than the remedy or cure. If you set up and operate your aquarium in ways that minimize the rate at which nutrients (algae fertilizer) accumulates in your system, you will assuredly see less algae as a direct result.

Get algae within your control! Learn more about how a professional aquarium cleaning can reduce your algae growth today, contact us today.


There’s no getting around it. Cleaning a fish tank is hard work! That’s why Fins n Paws offers professional aquarium cleaning.

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your aquarium and let Fins n Paws do the dirty work. We arrive on a timely manner at your home or office for your professional aquarium cleaning.
 In addition, we’ll assess your system and offer our expert aquarium advice on the ways you can improve your aquarium.